Sunday, November 8, 2009

Past Present Perfect Travel

Alhamdulillah, All praise and thanks unto Allah. finally, I traveled around interesting places in kediri. Accompanied with miss Zee, my kind nice new firend. This the first time we met after for weeks we only communicate via facebook and sms, people usually call it "Kopi Darat". Miss Zee is Kedirinese, he lived in Papar. My friend Oki was introduced me to Miss Zee.

Our start point is in Garuda Park at 8 a.m. because some technical problem, we late a few minute to met each other. First, I want to explain about Garuda Park, GP. GP is an intersecting street that have a Garuda monument on the center. Outer people that study in Pare must know and has been there to gather with their couple or friend in the night, except me.

The travel continues, we went to Simpang Lima Gompol. SL is a monument of farmer. According to the plan this site will be built a center of shoping, etc. It's so windy there. Maybe if my weight was 10 kg lighter, i'll fly by the wind. The site only have a monument and surrounded by intersecting street. Afraid if we had a cold, we went to selomangleng soon.

To get to Silomangleng we have to use public transport twice. First we stop in Stadion of Brawijaya, the home of Persik Kediri (somewhen me and my friends will enter it when persik kediri play), then from there we drive up to Selomangleng. It's a long drive.

Selomangleng is a nature tourist area in west kediri. This area is also a place of kingdom of kediri in about 8 M. The interesting object are airlangga museum, water park, a cave of dewi kilisuci, the hill of Maskumambang. We challenge ourselves to walk up to the hilltop. Me and Zee must rest several times im steps up to the top. “Zee come on, you can make it!” Fortunately, she didn’t surrender. Great! We need half an hour to reach the top. I dont know how many steps were there, because we so tired to count the steps.

At the top the views are very beautiful, I feel that we and the horizon are in the same place. Me are the horizon, and the horizon are me. The limit of horizon that we see, are ended in ourselves. So awesome, what in the heaven am I?

From Selomangleng, we went to the shopping center in Kediri, Sri Ratu Plaza. The plaza is big enough but not big enough like what we call plaza in Jakarta. This is perfect, "setelah kita mendaki bukit di selomangleng, kita tawaf di moll".

Miss Zee looked for Naruto equipment for his little brother while I looked for a natural beauty views.
We ended our journey in a place to eat meatballs. there's an unique story about me, meatballs, and my friend. I only eat meatballs in three condition, when i am with my friend named Oki, when i am with my friend's friend named Oki, and when i am with my friends' friend named Oki. Damn Oki who was affected me to eat meatballs.

Walking on the street, talking anything in bus, what a fast travel! (if we dont want to say rush).
Thank you very much miss Zee, you have been so kind to me. Can't wait for the next travel!